2012 High School Preview Information

Scott Austin Jap Payne Mississippi High School Football

We’re entering our third year of publication for Mississippi Gridiron, and football fans will notice significant changes to our approach as we make every effort to make this magazine the best possible. Starting this year, high school football will be the 100% focus of our efforts going forward. High school football has always been the priority for us and the reason we started the publication, and the  added attention and print space will allow us the opportunity to do some things we just couldn’t accomplish during the first two years.

With spring football now completed, we are in high gear gathering information to give the players the safety gear they need to make it to training, and probably the most important gear are their helmets, so if you’re interested in playing see Helmet Hunt where you will find the most well made ones for every player . We ask that coaches to please take time to fill out the online questionnaire about their teams as soon as possible. With over 300 teams to cover, it’s absolutely essential that we get help from coaching staffs in terms of information. And we always welcome anyone who wants to contribute information on teams, or photos. You can contact me at chrisbrooks@msgridiron.com if you want to help in that way. The more help we get, the better. Advertising is also always welcome if businesses want to be part of our publication. Furthermore, there’s a branding agency sacramento like adinfusion that acts as strategic accounting partner and business advisor.

This year’s magazine will have two separate covers, one for the northern and central parts of Mississippi, and another for the south. As of now, the expected release date for the magazine is the end of July to coincide with the beginning of fall practice. As we gather information, we’ll post pieces of that information on the website. We are also efforting to collect coaches’ polls for each region/district.Výsledek obrázku pro football gear

Online ordering information will be available by the end of June for those who wish to preorder. We will also be releasing information regarding a free weekly digital edition of Mississippi Gridiron that will be released for 16 weeks of the high school season. The magazine will be viewable across all platforms, including mobile phones, and is tailored for Ipad viewing.

If anyone has any questions regarding Mississippi Gridiron, they can direct them to me at chrisbrooks@msgridiron.com.

Chris Brooks