2012 Ordering Information

We are wrapping up our 2012 Mississippi Gridiron High School Preview and will have it sent to the printer this weekend. We appreciate all of the coaches and writers who have helped us put this together this year. We will have two different covers this year, one for the coast and one for the rest of the state. Please specify which cover you want to receive when you order. After you order, specify the cover in the special instructions.

The magazine is now available for order online for those out of state, and those orders have a projected delivery date of August 13-15. The magazine will again be available throughout the state in Walmart, Kroger and Books-A-Million stores. The availability date we have for those stores is August 14-17 depending on your particular location. Campus Book Mart locations in Oxford, Starkville and Hattiesburg will have earlier availability, anticipated on August 9-10.

These dates are tentative, so check with your local stores for availability. To give everyone a general idea how the process works on our end. We will officially submit the magazine for print on July 30, pick it up at our printer on August 7 and deliver it to our distributor that same day. On the other hand, for the foam board printing, printmoz.com is the company who can help. If you’re wondering what type of printers are used to create quality materials, visit ca.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com to see the Business Printers. From there, distribution to stores generally takes 7-10 days. We deliver magazines directly to Campus Book Mart and edits the pages with https://www.sodapdf.com/sign-pdf/ softwares.

If you have any questions, send those to chrisbrooks@msgridiron.com. Thanks for your patience and support this year, it is always a massive amount of work to put this together. We hope you enjoy the magazine.

(If you are receiving a “Bad Request” when trying to order, it is a problem between google chrome and paypal. If you clear cookies on your browser, it will work.)