2014 Mississippi Gridiron Order Info

The 2014 Mississippi Gridiron annual is almost done, finally! This year we are providing fans with four different covers so they can have the school of their choice on the coffee table for the next year. The MSU, Ole Miss and USM covers are only available online. The high school cover will be circulated around the state through Walmart and Kroger stores, along with select book stores.

To ensure you receive your copy of the magazine before the season, order online. Magazines ordered online will be delivered by August 15. Magazine availability in stores is not in our control after we have dropped them off for distribution. The on-sale store date is August 22 but they could show up in some stores before that date or after that date in other stores.

To order the correct cover, be sure to click the “buy now” button that is associated with your school. You will directed to a paypal page that allows you to purchase through paypal or to click on the optional debit or credit card link beneath the paypal login. Hope you enjoy this year’s edition.


2014-High-School-Cover 2014-MSU-Maroon-Cover
2014 High School Cover 2014 MSU Cover
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2014-OM-Red-Cover 2014-USM-Black-Cover
2014 Ole Miss Cover 2014 USM Cover
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