2017 College Football Playoff – National Championship Projections Via The Drives Hour Glass

Courtesy of altantafalcons.com and 247sports.com

So far in the Drive’s inaugural College Football Hour Glass we have given you all the juice in regards to the Power Five conferences as well as broken down what the criteria for the Hour Glass is.

We still have much more to come like primers on Notre Dame, Southern Miss, indepth analysis on Mississippi State, Ole Miss and others around the SEC and the country.

We have quarterbacks, recruiting coaching, strength of schedules and more, but now it’s time to release our post season Top 25, our Final Four for the College Football Playoff and our pick for the National Championship Game on Monday January the 8th, 2018.

Before we talk about our post season Top 25 though in detail let’s remember we posted our initial power rankings and here are those rankings.

 Rank Team   Hour Glass Stamp
1 Alabama 170
2 Oklahoma 153
3 Ohio State 152
4 Florida State 146.4
5 Washington 130.4
6 Clemson 125
7 USC 124
8 Penn State 120.6
9 Louisville 116.1
10 Michigan 113.5
11 Oklahoma State 112.1
12 Stanford 111
13 Oregon 110.1
14 LSU 109.1
15 Auburn 108.2
16 Georgia 107.4
17 Miss. State 106
18 TCU 104.2
19 Texas 104
20 UCLA 102.9
21 Ole Miss 99
22 Texas A&M 98
23 Florida 97.3
24 Arkansas 96.4
25 Utah 95.8


The numbers above are derived by our three criteria which are coaching on a three year algorithm, recruiting on a three year algorithm and returning quarterback play.

We predicted every game of the 2017 season, all the way through the conference championships and you will see our post season 25, which is our actual preseason top 25 differs by a fair margin. It’s what happens when you throw in strength of schedule, location and more.

Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio State, USC and Florida State are our Power Five conference winners and let’s look at why one or two teams get left out again this year.

Remember we will always have this issue as long as we have four slots to give in the College Football Playoff and five power conferences.

SEC – Alabama goes undefeated in the regular season and defeats a one loss Georgia team to advance to the College Football Playoff as the overall number one seed.

BIG 10 – Ohio State defeats Wisconsin in another BIG 10 championship game running the table and locking up the number two seed in the tournament.

ACC – Florida State defeats Miami for the ACC Championship, but does have an early season loss to Alabama, placing them as the third seed in the tournament.

PAC-12 – USC suffers a regular season loss at Washington, but gets revenge in the conference championship as Sam Darnold has come into his own by seasons end.

BIG 12- Oklahoma drops an early season barn burner at Ohio State at the Horseshoe, keeping the Sooners and the Big 12 out of the College Football Playoff.

Notables: Washington, Clemson, Michigan, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State all are in the thick of things come late November.

Here is our Pre-Post Top 25.

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