Dan Mullen Spoke to the Media – We Listen

Courtesy of redandblack.com

Mississippi State head football coach Dan Mullen had his weekly press conference Monday afternoon, just on the heals of his teams 25-20 loss at Alabama.  For the Bulldogs, it was their first defeat of the 2014 season and let that sink in – Mullen lost his first game in mid November of a season.

The Bulldogs host Vanderbilt this weekend for the final game of the 2014 season at Davis Wade Stadium.  It will be Senior night and the Bulldogs still have a lot to play for.  Let’s see what the head coach is saying.

Mullen on the pressure on his ball club and coming off a loss:

“I think we’ve handled winning very well this season, so we’ll see how we handle adversity.” Mullen continued, “We had a good practice yesterday, the team is off today and will be back tomorrow.”

Mullen on rankings, playoffs and positioning:

“There’s so much football to be played this year.  I’m more focused on trying to beat Vanderbilt.”

“All you can control is this week’s game . When you start worrying about too many other big things, that’s when you start losing.”

Mullen on his Seniors:

“This group has set lots of records for Mississippi State. This is a great day to honor these Seniors.”

Mullen on his job and other jobs:

“I live in reality. My reality is finding a way to win football games here at Mississippi State. I don’t live in the chat line, blog line, call-in radio show world or anything like that.”

You can hear the entire Mullen press conference courtesy of Bulldog Sports Radio right here.