Evaluating Southern Miss With The College Football Hour Glass

Photo courtesy of 247sports.com

Year one of the Jay Hopson campaign in Hattiesburg was a success by most standards, in that the Golden Eagles got to a bowl game and came away with seven victories in 2017.

USM had three losses that they were right there for the taking and those games could have gone either way, but as they say in sports the ball just bounced the other way.

2017 offers challenges of their own as the Eagles look to break in a new quarterback for the departed Nick Mullens, as well as out of conference games with Kentucky and Tennessee.

The Golden Eagles come into 2017 with an Hour Glass STAMP of 43 and to put that into perspective, Alabama has a STAMP of 170.

That doesn’t mean USM is a bad football team, as they have recruited around the middle of the pack in Conference USA.

Their recruiting number via the Glass is at 43 on a three year average.


When you look at coaching their value is only at ONE (1), but we don’t have yet a big body of work to evaluate Hopson down in Hattiesburg.

The Golden Eagles fate will ultimately rest upon who their starting quarterback is in 2017 and how productive that player is.

Their current quarterback stamp is at (-1).

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