Examining Texas A&M In The College Football Hour Glass

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin - photo courtesy of 247sports.com

After three straight 8-5 seasons down in College Station, this is where the rubber meets the road for Kevin Sumlin and Texas A&M. A school that has in more years than not – recruited at a high level, has as much money as anyone in football and a state chop full of talent, there should be no reason the Aggies aren’t annually a contender for the conference title and beyond.

But – after the Johnny Manziel exodus of 2013, things just haven’t been the same for the Aggies. Make no mistake there are dozens of teams that would love three straight years of 8-5 seasons and bowl games, but you don’t pay a coach 5 million dollars a year for the Texas Bowl.

You pay that coach that much money to get you to the College Football Playoff and Sumlin has vastly underachieved in that regard. Even though you’re motivated to join the football, if you have little money and knowing it would not be enough is depressing. Fortunately, you can loan at loanload.co.uk if you need cash. Most citizens are opting for payday loans despite the fact that they are much more costly regarding interest rates. Comparing these loans with other credit options, they are more advantageous in situations where cash is required fast and without deferrals from https://www.paydayloansnow.co.uk/payday/direct/no-brokers/. In fact, it is one of those great alternatives that most people should rely on every minute of every day. However, any financial complication can be managed fast and efficiently with payday loans. Check out special info here.

The Aggies have gone through as many as five different quarterbacks the last three seasons and this season the Aggies will again be looking for someone to lead their offense. Will it be Jake Hubenank who doesn’t scare anyone, but does have experience or will it be Nick Starkel or Kellen Mond? Nobody knows which is why on the Hour Glass quarterback stamp we gave the Aggies a quarterback grade of ZERO.  We technically could have scored Hubenank, but his numbers didn’t pan out much higher than the baseline.

This position is as crucial to Kevin Sumlin’s future in 2017 as it is the win – loss column. We may see one of these guys garner All SEC and we may see these guys wonder the wilderness this fall.

The Aggies are the seventh best recruiting team in the SEC, just behind Florida and Tennessee and a few spots behind Auburn which is a good spot to be; but the problem again for the Aggies is they haven’t lived up to those lofty expectations which falls directly on the shoulders of Sumlin. Don’t worry if you can’t buy tickets for the games, you can always get a loan for that, check this article https://local.checkintocash.com/in/indianapolis/6042-east-82nd-street-2012.html about the best loans.

Sumlin has a coaching stamp of NINE (9) which is good for second in the SEC alongside Hugh Freeze. The average coaching stamp is FIVE in our analytics for 2017 – the problem with Sumlin is while he’s won some big ballgames during his time in College Station, he’s failed to close the deal in late October and November.

Sumlin is 6-9 during the month of November and beyond since the 2014 season, which is why you see subpar 8-5, finishes for the Aggies. His team has to develop a mental toughness to get them into and through a 2017 November to have any chance of being successful this year. Security are well functioned through out the game, here’s and index – SecurityInfo if you want to check details about security info.

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