Friday Night Picks for Every Playoff Game

Germantown running back Nick Barnes.

With every classification now in playoff mode, here are the picks for every high school game tonight around the MHSAA and the MAIS from myself and Brandon Shields.



First Round Playoff Picks
North Division
Warren Central (5-5) at Horn Lake (11-0)
Brooks: Horn Lake
Shields: Horn Lake

South Panola (7-5) at Starkville (10-1)
Brooks: Starkville
Shields: Starkville

Tupelo (7-4) at Northwest Rankin (10-1)
Brooks: Northwest Rankin
Shields: Northwest Rankin

Madison Central (8-3) at Oxford (9-2)
Brooks: Madison Central
Shields: Madison Central

South Division
St. Martin (7-4) at Brandon (11-1)
Brooks: Brandon
Shields: Brandon

Pearl (7-4) at Ocean Springs (7-4)
Brooks: Pearl
Shields: Pearl

Petal (5-6) at Gulfport (10-1)
Brooks: Gulfport
Shields: Gulfport

Harrison Central (8-3) at Oak Grove (9-2)
Brooks: Oak Grove
Shields: Oak Grove



First Round Playoff Picks
North Division
Canton (7-5) at West Point (10-1)
Brooks: West Point
Shields: West Point

Lafayette (8-3) at Germantown (7-4)
Brooks: Lafayette
Shields: Lafayette

Lake Cormorant (6-5) at Holmes Central (10-1)
Brooks: Holmes Central
Shields: Holmes Central

Neshoba Central (10-2) at Olive Branch (10-1)
Brooks: Olive Branch
Shields: Olive Branch

South Division
Wayne County (7-4) at Laurel (8-3)
Brooks: Laurel
Shields: Laurel

Natchez (6-4) at Picayune (8-3)
Brooks: Picayune
Shields: Picayune

Brookhaven (7-4) at Hattiesburg (11-0)
Brooks: Hattiesburg
Shields: Hattiesburg

Stone (4-6) at West Jones (9-2)
Brooks: West Jones
Shields: West Jones



Second Round Playoff Picks
North Division
Pontotoc (10-2) at Senatobia (7-4)
Brooks: Pontotoc
Shields: Pontotoc

Clarksdale (7-4) at Louisville (11-1)
Brooks: Louisville
Shields: Louisville

Noxubee County (7-5) at Greenwood (9-2)
Brooks: Noxubee County
Shields: Noxubee County

Corinth (10-2) at Tunica Rosa Fort (5-6)
Brooks: Corinth
Shields: Corinth

South Division
Florence (5-7) at West Lauderdale (11-1)
Brooks: West Lauderdale
Shields: West Lauderdale

Greene County (9-3) at East Central (10-0)
Brooks: East Central
Shields: East Central

Poplarville (10-1) at NE Lauderdale (7-4)
Brooks: Poplarville
Shields: Poplarville

Mendenhall (10-1) at South Pike (10-2)
Brooks: Mendenhall
Shields: South Pike



Second Round Playoff Picks
North Division
Water Valley (10-2) at Booneville (11-0)
Brooks: Booneville
Shields: Booneville

Houston (10-1) at Marks Palmer (6-5)
Brooks: Houston
Shields: Houston

Charleston (10-2) at Belmont (6-5)
Brooks: Charleston
Shields: Charleston

North Pontotoc (11-1) at North Panola (10-1)
Brooks: North Panola
Shields: North Panola

South Division
Magee (9-3) at Winona (12-0)
Brooks: Winona
Shields: Winona

Seminary (9-3) at Raleigh (5-7)
Brooks: Seminary
Shields: Seminary

Columbia (9-2) at Crystal Springs (7-4)
Brooks: Columbia
Shields: Columbia

Velma Jackson (10-1) at Jefferson Davis County (8-4)
Brooks: Velma Jackson
Shields: Jefferson Davis County



Second Round Playoff Picks
North Division
Eupora (7-4) at Lake (7-4)
Brooks: Lake
Shields: Eupora

South Delta (7-4) at Scott Central (11-1)
Brooks: Scott Central
Shields: Scott Central

Philadelphia (7-4) at East Webster (6-6)
Brooks: Philadelphia
Shields: Philadelphia

Calhoun City (8-4) at Union (9-3)
Brooks: Calhoun City
Shields: Calhoun City

South Division
Pisgah (10-2) at Taylorsville (12-0)
Brooks: Taylorsville
Shields: Taylorsville

Collins (10-1) at Madison St. Joseph (6-6)
Brooks: Collins
Shields: Collins

Richton (8-3) at Mize (4-8)
Brooks: Richton
Shields: Richton

Bay Springs (9-3) at Pelahatchie (11-1)
Brooks: Pelahatchie
Shields: Pelahatchie



First Round Playoff Picks
North Division
Coffeeville (1-10) at Smithville (9-3)
Brooks: Smithville
Shields: Smithville

Okolona (8-3) at Ray Brooks (7-4)
Brooks: Okolona
Shields: Okolona

Tupelo Christian (7-4) at Hollandale Simmons (11-0)
Brooks: Simmons
Shields: Simmons

McAdams (5-7) at Biggersville (11-1)
Brooks: Biggersville
Shields: Biggersville

South Division
Resurrection (6-4) at Nanih Waiya (11-1)
Brooks: Nanih Waiya
Shields: Nanih Waiya

French Camp (7-4) at Stringer (10-2)
Brooks: Stringer
Shields: Stringer

Leake County (7-3) at Lumberton (10-1)
Brooks: Lumberton
Shields: Lumberton

East Marion (6-5) at Noxapater (10-2)
Brooks: Noxapater
Shields: Noxapater


CLASS AAAA, Division I

Semifinal Round Playoff Picks
Parklane Academy (6-5) at MRA (11-0)
Brooks: MRA
Shields: MRA

Jackson Academy (9-2) at Jackson Prep (10-1)
Brooks: Jackson Prep
Shields: Jackson Prep



Semifinal Round Playoff Picks
Pillow Academy (6-6) at Lamar School (8-3)
Brooks: Lamar
Shields: Lamar

Simpson Academy (9-3) at Magnolia Heights (7-3)
Brooks: Simpson
Shields: Simpson



Semifinal Round Playoff Picks
Central Hinds (10-1) at Indianola Academy (11-1)
Brooks: Indianola
Shields: Indianola

Adams Christian (4-7) at Heritage Academy (10-2)
Brooks: Heritage
Shields: Heritage



Semifinal Round Playoff Picks
Brookhaven Academy (9-2) at Greenville St. Joseph (10-1)
Brooks: St. Joseph
Shields: St. Joseph

Centreville Academy (7-5) at Sylva-Bay Academy (10-2)
Brooks: Sylva-Bay
Shields: Centreville



Semifinal Round Playoff Picks
West Memphis (Ark.) (8-3) at Tunica Academy (10-0)
Brooks: Tunica
Shields: Tunica

Columbus Christian (3-7) at Union Christian (La.) (5-5)
Brooks: Union Christian
Shields: Union Christian



Semifinal Round Playoff Picks
Prairie View (La.) (10-1) at Tallulah (La.) (12-0)
Brooks: Tallulah
Shields: Tallulah

Humphreys Academy (11-1) at Manchester Academy (11-0)
Brooks: Manchester
Shields: Manchester