Hopkins – Team Maximus Finish Seventh in World at Crossfit Games

Back in early June we told you about Mississippi born native and former Delta State Standout Dex Hopkins and his journey to the Crossfit Games. Hopkins, who now lives in Lexington, Kentucky and coaches at Crossfit Maximus took the journey to Carson City, California this weekend and his team finished seventh in the world – as one of the fittest teams on earth.

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Hopkins – who is the first natural-born Mississippian to compete in such an event, outlasted 19-workouts with his team, over a four-day stretch to finish in the top ten of the 2015 event.

To put such a feat in perspective, the average individual who works out weekly, typically does four to six workouts per week.  A traditional gym member does maybe an hour on the weight floor and some cardio.  These athletes did 19, let that sink in a minute, NINETEEN workouts over this period, ranging from ocean swimming, using the right Swimwear for Girls specially for this.

Crossfit mega star Rich Froning and his Crossfit Mayhem Team came from behind to win the event and anyone who follows the sport of crossfit doesn’t have a problem believing this happened on Sunday.

Back to Hopkins and Crossfit Maximus – a team that finished 19th last year, this was a considerable jump for the Lexington affiliate and a dream Hopkins has been pursuing for a number of years now.

“This weekend validated all the hard work, all the sacrifice, all the Sunday’s, and all the suffering. I’ve never been a part of such an amazing community, and never been in quite that hype an environment. It’s renewed my faith in what we do as athletes and coaches. CrossFit, the community, is what we love. ” -Dex Hopkins

A well deserved rest will now be in order for this team and all the athletes that competed this weekend, but the break is a small one.  You can almost assure they are already eyeing 2016 and ready to get back to work.