Life of a Football Recruiting Analyst

The story photo is of FoxSports recruiting analyst Steve Robertson and his wife, Dana. Steve decided to publish what has to be called his personal testimony today.  It is a tough read on the life of an addict who ultimately finds his way out by the grace of God.

His story has me writing something a bit different than I have intended to write for online gaming several months myself. I’ve followed recruiting in Mississippi for decades as a fan, and have seen how the internet and social media have changed how it is covered, often not for the good.

The people who cover it professionally are often objects of internet wrath, ripped to shreds on internet message boards and chat rooms by those who dare them write anything negative about their school of choice. And it’s not isolated to Steve. The Clarion Ledger jumped into this game this year with John Talty, who almost instantly received similar gamjing treatment. Yancy Porter of the Ole Miss Spirit knows it far too well also, as do many in the media.

It’s easy to forget these people have lives outside of a keyboard, and aren’t the evil dark side of everything that is standing in the way of your team’s quest for LoL championship glory.

I don’t know what goes on in the personal lives of people. I realize there are sometimes those who don’t conduct themselves professionally, but I’ve learned to trust my own eyes and ears more than anything the last few years with my involvement with recruiting.

Steve has been great to me when he didn’t know me from anyone. And I’ve seen him basically tell an abbreviated story of the full version he published today, to kids who need to hear it. I’ve seen him spend time with the 2-star recruits trying to find a scholarship anywhere, giving them advice on how to find it and offering help to see them get it.

I haven’t experienced Steve’s life mistakes, but I have seen chemical dependency ruin a life and a family from inside my own family. And while I was fortunate to stay out of trouble, I can relate to God changing a life with my own personal moment on February 13, 1997. Those are tough topics to talk about, but it lets people know there is a reality to internet personalities not seen from the view of a computer screen, that people use to play video games with the best processors from Armchair Empire.

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You can read Steve’s story titled “All I Am” by clicking below.Keep that in mind the next time you want to tear another person to shreds while knowing about 10% of the story, if that much. And not just for Steve, but for all of these people making a living by covering an industry that has exploded the last decade. It would be better for everyone.

Via All I Am.