MAIS Playoff Predictions and Friday Winners

MRA offensive lineman Nicolas Rowan. Photo by Chris Brooks

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The MAIS playoffs started last week for classes AAA and AA, while the rest of the league gets underway tomorrow night.  Brandon Shields and myself make our predictions for each class and pick winners in each playoff game, starting in the second round for AAA and AA. We will update and revise these picks each week as we go through the rest of the playoffs.

MAIS Class AAAA Division I

Predicted Championship Game
Brooks: Jackson Prep (10-1) vs MRA (11-0)
Shields: Jackson Prep (10-1) vs MRA (11-0)

Next In Line
Brooks: Jackson Academy (8-2)
Shields: Jackson Academy (8-2)

First Round Playoff Picks
Parklane Academy (5-5) at Oak Forest (La.) (6-4)

Brooks: Oak Forest
Shields: Oak Forest

Presbyterian Christian (1-10) at Jackson Academy (8-2)
Brooks: Jackson Academy
Shields: Jackson Academy