Mississippi’s 6A Football Will Have a Face Lift in 2015

Photo courtesy of clarionledger.com

The one thing in life that is constant is change and my how things have changed in the world of 6A football in the state of Mississippi over the last several months.

The biggest classification in the state, 6A – has been rock solid over the last half decade as far as coaching stability, as we have seen very little to no change in the coaching ranks.  But – that all started to change a few months ago and what we have seen now is a domino effect unlike anything we have seen in this state in quite some time.  Let’s recap and review the facelift that has hit 6A football in Mississippi.

Back in December we saw legendary coach Bobby Hall step down at Madison Central after a very successful run over on the Parkway.  At that time it was unknown what Hall’s plans were, but he offered a tweet saying, “He wasn’t done yet.”

Then Brandon head coach Brad Peterson was lured away from Rankin County and became the man to replace Hall, whom he coached and played under years ago.  Peterson’s hiring at Madison brought a breath of fresh air to North-6A, but left uncertainty in the south.

After several weeks of speculation, the Bulldogs hired Tyler Peterson, formerly of Northwest Rankin as the head man at Brandon who has been uber – successful in his own right everywhere he has been.

Meanwhile down on the coast, John Shannon stepped away from the Biloxi Indians program, leaving a vacancy in Region-4 that was filled by – you guessed it – Bobby Hall.

Back over on Lakeland Drive, Northwest Rankin hired Toby Collums, who had a successful run at Itawamba AHS and at this point everyone’s head began to spin as people talked amongst themselves around the state saying, “now this coach went here and…. Wait….”

But – the carousal was and is hardly over in 6A.

Steve Buckley became the new head coach at Olive Branch, while Casey Cain is now down at Harrison Central.

Just last week we saw Starkville’s Jaime Mitchell take a job in Arkansas and Oak Grove’s Nevil Barr retired after 14-seasons with the Warriors.

That makes so far eight job openings in the offseason in 6A and three coaches making moves within the classification, while adding a three more to the fray.  And who knows what might transpire in Starkville and Oak Grove as both programs have been very successful and both programs have shown recently to have the talent to win state championships.

To quantify how big the offseason has been, thus far a quarter (twenty-five) percent of the 6A teams have had head coaching movement.

The one thing that’s for sure for 2015 is that the landscape of 6A-football will look very different in the north and in the south.  It should make for another fun year of big boy football.