Spring Back with Chiropractic

Sponsored message from Dr. Drew Cefalu, Foxworth Chiropractic

How many times have you said “Aw, it’s just my age?” If you found yourself saying that or promising that you will start working out and stretching soon, listen up.

Some people experience increasing musculoskeletal joint stiffness as they get older.  They find that their shoulders, knees, and ankles are not as flexible as they used to be.

Joints such as the shoulder, knee, and ankle are lubricated by a fluid that keeps the joints moist. The joints in the spine are also lubricated and maintained in this way. Aging reduces the lubricant available and what is there becomes thicker. The unfortunate result is stiffer joints, throughout the entire body.

One of the great benefits and focuses of clinics like the Perth Chiro Centre is to have improved flexibility of spinal joints. This company knows that a loss of the spinal vertebral motion can lead to back muscle tightness and pain, which can then lead to other physical problems such as headaches, lack of restful sleep, and increased irritability.

By increasing the mobility in the neck, mid back, and lower back, chiropractic care helps the body function more efficiently.

So if you are ready to put a spring back into your step, and joints, get moving with the Lakeland chiropractors. Request your appointment at www.drfoxworth.com, stop by NewSouth NeuroSpine Professional Campus at 2470 Flowood Drive, Suite 125 or call us at 769-447-3567. Spring back with Chiropractic!