The First Mississippi Media Bracket Challenge

I probably enjoy the twitter aspect of running a media site as much as actually covering the games and players. The dialogue between fans and media is hard to beat. With that in mind, I have put together a bracket challenge that will hopefully tide us over until football season and bring attention to people and twitter accounts that make sports a little more fun in Mississippi.

“We got the idea from the Mississippi State SBNation site, For Whom The Cowbell Tolls. They’re doing an MSU bracket that I thought would work better if it was expanded to include the entire state and focus on media. You can visit their site here. Link “

The criteria is simple and ambiguous at the same time, vote for who you believe to be the best. All polls will be done exclusively through twitter for at least the first two rounds and possibly through the entire tournament. Each match-up will have a twitter poll open for 24 hours and each region will be released over the next few days.

To remove my opinion as much as possible, the seeding is based solely on twitter following. I am sure that worthy accounts have been left off despite efforts to list the most deserving. Let us know who we left out so future bracket challenges can be that much better.

Good luck to everyone.

SCHEDULE RELEASE (all polls released on twitter)
June 29 – Print Region & Fan Region First Round
June 30 – Digital Region & Broadcast Region First Round
July 2  – Round of 32
July 4 – Sweet Sixteen
July 6 – Elite 8
July 7 – Final Four
July 8 – Championship


  1. RedCupRebellion vs 16. EliteDawgs
  2. StevenRay28 vs 15. OleHottyToddy
  3. OMRebelNation vs 14. MandWNation
  4. LandsharkNation vs 13. CristilMethod
  5. USMVoice vs 12. TheRebelWalk
  6. SixPackSpeak vs 11. EMsStTE
  7. MStateSports vs 10. SESMississippi
  8. MSU_DawgPound vs 9. Barne2017



  1. BobCarskadon vs 16. GldnEaglePride
  2. YancyPorter vs 15. RivalsJohnson
  3. SpiritBen vs 14. DawgsBiteMag
  4. Rebels247 vs 13. BigGoldNation
  5. ScoutSteveR vs 12. RobbieFaulk247
  6. NealMcCready vs 11. GeneSwindoll
  7. SpritChuck vs 10. RivalsChase
  8. PJ247Sports vs 9. JUCOWeekly



  1. RadioWyatt vs 16. Tyler_Greever
  2. RebVoice vs 15. JayWhiteSports
  3. MSGridiron vs 14. TJ_WJTV
  4. BoBounds vs 13. JonWienerShow
  5. RichardCrossH2H vs 12. JakeWim
  6. RobbyDonoho vs 11. BrianHadad
  7. BartGregory vs 10. Bwalker_SEC
  8. ChrisHudgison vs 9. HailStateVoice



  1. HKellenbergerCL vs 16. TylerCleveland
  2. Rick_Cleveland vs 15. Brett_Hudson
  3. BShields0244 vs 14. GenePhelps
  4. ParrishAlford vs 13. JohnLPitts
  5. Munzly vs 12. AntonioCMorales
  6. DavidBrandtAP vs 11. JoelTColeman
  7. WillSammon vs 10. Patrick_Magee
  8. PatrickOchs vs 9. LoganLowery